Paramount Plus Ireland Guide

Have you noticed a new streaming service called Paramount Plus in Ireland recently? It seems to be everywhere: on your Sky TV Box, TV Ads, Social Media Ads, and more. If you’re unfamiliar with Paramount, they are one of the world leaders in premium entertainment content. They were mostly targeting the US Market until now. They released their streaming service, Paramount Plus, in Ireland and the UK on the 22nd of June. It is yet another rival for Netflix and the other streaming services. We will give you a breakdown of what content they have and if it’s worth signing up for Paramount Plus in Ireland. 

How much does Paramount Plus Cost?

So before diving deep into Paramount Plus, you’ll want to know the price. It currently costs €7.99 monthly or €79.90 annually to subscribe to the new streaming service. There is a 7-day free trial available to see if you enjoy it. We recommend signing up for the free trial to get a feel of the service you intend on purchasing. 

Paramount Plus Partners 

Paramount Plus partnered with Apple TV, so you can access both Apple TV+ and Paramount Plus on the same streaming platform. You will have to pay for both services, which will cost you €11.99 monthly. Nowadays, this is the cost of Netflix, so it could be worth it to have two streaming services for the price of one. It depends on what content they have for you. 

If you are a Sky Cinema subscriber with Sky Glass or Sky Q, then you can avail of the new streaming platform for free. Sky and Paramount Plus have partnered up to give customers this new fantastic deal. 

What content does Paramount Plus have?

They currently have a vast amount of existing Paramount movies and tv shows, such as Star Trek, Transformers and Scream. They also have a host of new content exclusively available on Paramount Plus. Here is some brand new content that we have found. 


HALO is one of the largest video game franchises of all time. In the TV show, you’ll follow Master Chief 

The First Lady


The Man Who Fell to Earth

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