Best Reversing Camera Kit 2023

Best Camera Reversing Kit

Looking for the best reversing camera kit for your vehicle? We researched several to help you choose the right one. We will also look for ones in your price range as some tend to be expensive. 

Reversing new cars is much easier as they typically have built-in reversing cameras. It makes reversing into tight spaces much more manageable. It is helpful for nervous drivers or those who lack experience in reversing.

Those who don’t have a car with a reversing camera built-in will have to rely on their mirrors alone. But you can purchase a reversing camera kit to help you out when reversing. They are fantastic for helping you navigate unfamiliar locations and save you the headache of reversing into a wall or a fence. 

There are various reversing camera kits available on the market now. They are usually attached to the top of your license plate. A cable is then run to a monitor, which you will install on your dashboard. A mechanic can install it, or if it’s simple, you can do it yourself. You may save money on car insurance if you tell them you have a new reversing camera kit.

Best Reversing Camera Kit 2022

1. Auto-Vox V5 Pro

Auto-Vox V5 Pro

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Price:  £199.99

Amazon Reviews: 4.6/5 (238 Reviews)


Video Quality: 1080p Full HD front & rear

Viewing angle: 139 degrees

Integrated GPS: Yes

Screen: 9.35″ Touchscreen

The number one spot on our reversing camera kit list is the Auto-Vox Pro V5 Pro. You can fit the Pro version directly into a car’s fuse box. Dual 1080p video is provided for both the front and rear cameras. The best part is that you will get this HD quality both day and night as it comes with a night vision mode. You will easily be able to see license plate numbers and other essential details in the event of an accident. 

The Auto-Vox V5 Pro has helpful features, such as Parking Mode. The reversing camera kit will automatically record video once the front or rear camera detects that there may be a collision. It will then switch off after recording a half a minute clip. The GPS is also so helpful in Parking Mode as it will measure the speed, direction and route of a journey which we know is vital in making a car insurance claim.

Check out the product video from AUTO-VOX.



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Price:  £52.99

Amazon Reviews: 4.5/5 (7,869 Reviews)


Video Quality: 720p

Viewing angle: 120 degrees

Integrated GPS: No

Screen: 4.3″

The AUTO-VOX M1 is another excellent reversing camera kit from AUTO-VOX. It is a lower-budget reversing camera kit.

The M1 offers high quality but not HD, providing a stable picture when reversing. A small light in the kit can help you a better image in dark areas, so it is helpful for nighttime driving, particularly on those dark Winter evenings.

The M1 has the highest water and dustproof rating at IP68. You will never have to worry about the reversing camera kit getting damaged in heavy downpours or dusty locations. 

When you reverse, it is brilliant to use; it will automatically turn on and display your rear vision with the parking line to help you reverse into a space. You will become a better and more efficient driver.

Check out the video of the upgraded M1W.



View on Amazon 

Price:  £109.99

Amazon Reviews: 4.5/5 (702 Reviews)


Video Quality: 480p

Integrated GPS: No

Screen: 5″ Wireless

The AUTO-VOX W-7 is another fantastic reversing kit from AUTO-VOX. It can help you park your car in the tightest spaces, making parking safer and more efficient. 

The W-7 rearview camera is efficient in the dark with 0.1 Lux illumination. It offers a great view in the dark and in the rain. It can also withstand freezing and hot temperatures. 

Another significant aspect of using the W7 is that there are no interference or distortion issues that some reversing cameras have. It will display a clear image at all times and is a kit you can rely on.

You can adjust the rearview camera to your desired position. Adjust it up and down to 30 degrees. You can point the camera downwards to give you a better sight of the car behind you.

Check out the video from Auto-Vox 

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Camera Reversing Kit FAQs

Is a reversing camera kit worth it?

We all know that there are blindspots when driving larger cars. With a reversing camera kit, you will have another pair of eyes on the area. It will help you with park and turning in challenging areas. It will help avoid accidents and make you a better driver.

Does a camera reverse kit drain battery?

A reversing camera kit uses the car’s battery to power. It will drain the battery but only at a low level.

What is the best brand for camera reversing kits?

We have researched and used lots of camera reversing kits and found that AUTO-VOX is the best. They offer great value for money and provide excellent customer service.

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